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Underwater cleaning technologies

 —Services, Sales & Rentals

BNP Energy and Marine Limited in partnership with cavitcleaner (Malta) is providing a wide range of cavitational cleaning machines and tools for rental and sales.


Excellent Value: the Cavitcleaner is able to perform all operation in the shortest possible time.

High Performance: The system is extremely effective at removing most types of marine growth or fouling from any underwater surface. In addition, contrary to high pressure washers and mechanical cleaners, Cavitcleaner will not damage the underlying surface material and leaves sensitive and fragile paint and coatings intact.

Versatility and Complexity: Cavitcleaner permits cleaning not just for simple areas but also of difficult and complex surfaces. The compact size of this specialized equipment makes it possible to operate in locations that cannot be accessed with other kind of apparatus.

Quality: Cavitcleaner have various machine to remove all kinds of dirt and grime from surfaces, no matter how thick the build-up has become.

Safety: The cavitation stream can come in contact with bare skin without injury. The Cavitcleaner unique patented design does not require high-pressure water jets, which eliminates the risk to diver’s ears and face and also guarantees the surface against possible damage or fouling.

Reliability: Cavitcleaner is built using special technology, which guarantees the highest operational standards and reliable use.

Eco Friendly: The cleaning process uses the natural surrounding water. It does not allow any kind of pollution of the environment during the cleaning process.

Mobility: Cavitcleaner machine is very compact, and can easily be transported on board any kind of transport. This design enables the equipment to be set-up for work extremely quickly after transportation, so that you can set to work at once.



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